1. Environmental justice and equity are core principles to transition off of fossil fuels and build a clean energy future.
  2. Frontline communities must be supported in their efforts to achieve climate justice and safeguard our planet.
  3. Community participation is an essential piece to the success of our clean energy future and this partnership.
  4. Prioritize investment in the clean, safe, renewable energy produced statewide coming from local distributed generation.
  5. “Clean renewable energy” shall include: local distributed generation such as rooftop solar, energy efficiency, energy storage, demand response, and conservation. Clean renewable energy shall NOT include forms of dirty energy such as natural gas, “renewable gas”, biomass, fracking, and other forms of fossil fuels or forms of energy that have been historically destructive to environmental justice communities.
  6. Prioritize small scale distributed generation over large scale renewable energy to localize the benefits, prevent the destruction of our desert ecosystems, and avoid expensive transmission lines.
  7. Ensure local jobs and economic benefits get prioritized in low-income communities and communities of color.
  8. Communities have a right to earn money in this clean energy sector where they can access sustainable work and support their families, rather than money flowing to the big utilities.
  9. Secure a clean energy future that is just and equitable, embracing all people regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic origin, income or other social or demographic distinctions.
  10. Make energy conservation and efficiency a priority in reducing energy demand in California.
  11. Replace jobs dependent on fossil fuels with quality green jobs centered on conservation, efficiency, and clean energy technologies.
  12. We support clean transportation. We do not support shifting natural gas to the transportation sector. We want to see the complete transition away from natural gas in all sectors.
  13. We support local distributed generation, and want to transition away from large scale renewable energy that gets placed in desert areas that harm our ecosystem.
  14. We want to build an authentic partnership where the traditional environmental and environmental justice movements fight for a better, healthier, and more just world for all.
  15. We do not accept fossil fuel money nor funds that support any fossil fuel infrastructure and policies.